Hi, im Thomas Coleman

Im good at Javascript, PHP, Gaming

I am interested in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Angular/React (etc), Node.js, Symfony2 and like to learn about new tools/technlogies.

I want to learn more about React.js, Vagrant, Docker

Im such a nerd, I couldnt be bothered to wrap the technologies/languages above in <span class="label label-default"></span>. So I copy/pasted them into the Console in chrome, and used Array#map to do it for me:

["HTML5", "CSS3", "Javascript", "PHP", "Angular/React (etc)", "Node.js", "Symfony2"].map(function (tech) {
	return ' <span class="label label-default">' + tech + '</span>';

Anyway enough of that, find out more about what I can do/what im up to by clicking the links!

Checkout my Github too, and take a look at Corvus! (P.s. this site uses it)

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